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Non-DOJ Individual Sentenced for Conspiring with a Former FBI Agent in a “Secret Probation” Scheme to Defraud


On March 28, 2024, a non-DOJ individual was sentenced to 70 months imprisonment, three years supervised release, $765,320.37 in restitution, and a $100 assessment for one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.  Joseph Eventino De Leon was sentenced in the Northern District of Texas.  According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, from in or about November 2015 through in or about August 2019, DeLeon engaged in a scheme with William Roy Stone, Jr., a retired FBI Special Agent, to defraud the victim with false statements including: that Stone was still an active Special Agent with the FBI; that the victim was under “secret” federal probation and was under the supervision of Stone and DeLeon; that the victim was obligated to pay Stone’s expenses associated with supervision of the victim’s probation; that the victim owed restitution; and that the victim would risk imprisonment and loss of her children if she did not cooperate with the terms of probation.  As a result of the scheme, the victim gave Stone more than $700,000 and gave DeLeon more than $50,000.  The investigation was conducted by the OIG’s Dallas Office and Texas Department of Public Safety – Texas Rangers Company B; forensic assistance was provided by the OIG’s Cyber Investigations Office.

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