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Former FBI Special Agent Sentenced for Structuring Financial Transactions


On March 4, 2024, a former FBI Special Agent previously assigned to the FBI Office in Houston, Texas, was sentenced to 5 years of probation, a $100,000 fine, and a $100 special assessment for one count of structuring financial transactions to evade reporting requirements.  Gregory Trahan was sentenced in the Southern District of Texas.  According to the factual statement in support of the guilty plea, from in or about 2018 through in or about at least April 2019, Trahan structured transactions to prevent his spouse at the time from knowing that he had money in undisclosed bank accounts and hid cash to prevent those funds from becoming part of the resolution of the community estate during their divorce proceedings.  Trahan withdrew several hundred thousand dollars from various bank accounts in amounts under the reporting requirements and made deposits in amounts under the reporting requirements in other bank accounts.  From in or about 2018 through in or about 2019, Trahan made twenty cash deposits, all in amounts less than $10,000, with intent to avoid the creation of Currency Transaction Reports by banks.  The deposits totaled $77,900.  In addition, on or about November 27, 2018, Trahan deposited $9,700 in a U.S. bank account for the purpose of evading the bank’s reporting obligation.  The investigation was conducted by the OIG’s Houston Office with assistance from the OIG’s Dallas Office; forensic assistance was provided by the OIG’s Cyber Investigations Office.

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