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Reducing Grant Fraud Risk: A Framework for Grant Training

Date Issued

This report provides a framework for training grant administrators and recipients of federal grant funds on practices for reducing the risk for grant fraud, including grant training content, additional sources of information for further guidance, and illustrative hypothetical scenarios that provide practical applications of the issues discussed in the report. The report is a product of the Grant Fraud Committee of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force’s Recovery Act, Procurement, and Grant Fraud Working Group. The Committee is chaired by the Department of Justice OIG and includes representatives from the OIGs of the Department of Education; Environmental Protection Agency; Department of the Interior; Department of Health and Human Services; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Department of Labor; National Science Foundation; and the Commander, Navy Installations Command.

Participating OIG
Department of Education OIG
Department of Health & Human Services OIG
Department of Housing and Urban Development OIG
Department of Justice OIG
Department of Labor OIG
U.S. Department of the Interior OIG
Environmental Protection Agency OIG
National Science Foundation OIG
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