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Office of Debt Collection Managementís Implementation
of the Collection Litigation Automated Support System

Report No. 01-15
July 3, 2001
Office of the Inspector General



We performed our audit in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and, accordingly, included such tests of the records and procedures, as we deemed necessary.

Our objectives were to assess the status of implementation of CLASS and the accuracy and timeliness of the systemís civil debt collection accounting. The audit focused on the Office of Debt Collection Managementís (DCM) efforts to implement CLASS from the time the contract with CACI-IMS, Incorporated, was awarded in May 1998 through November 2000.

We reviewed applicable federal laws and regulations, DCM directives and reports, and other documents related to the implementation of CLASS. We also interviewed DCM and Executive Office for the United States Attorney officials involved in implementing CLASS.

To determine the adequacy of DCMís efforts to implement CLASS, we also performed on-site reviews at 7 United States Attorneys Offices (USAOs) and 12 of the 18 Private Counsel offices in which CLASS was being used. A list of the offices we reviewed follows:

United States Attorneys Offices
Eastern District of Michigan, Detroit, MI
District of Columbia, Washington, DC
Central District of California, Los Angeles, CA
Northern District of California, San Francisco, CA
Eastern District of New York, Brooklyn, NY
Southern District of Texas, Houston, TX
Southern District of Florida, Miami, FL

Private Counsel Offices
Holzman & Holzman, Southfield, MI
Shermeta, Chimko & Kilpatrick, Rochester Hills, MI
Mauro & Associates, Washington, DC
Herbert A. Rosentahl, Washington, DC
Irsfeld, Irsfeld & Younger, Glendale, CA
Michael Cosentino, Esq., Alameda, CA
Goldsmith & Burns, Tarzana, CA
Hayt, Hayt & Landau, Garden City, NY
Sharinn & Lipshie, Garden City, NY
Alonso & Cersonsky, P.C., Houston, TX
Bennet & Weston, P.C., Dallas, TX
David Newman, Esq., Miami, FL

At the USAOs and the Private Counsel offices, we interviewed CLASS system users and office supervisors to determine if either had experienced:

At the USAOs and Private Counsel offices, we also reviewed documentation to determine if: