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Former USMS Contract Cook Supervisor Pleaded Guilty to Sexual Abuse of an Inmate


On May 26, 2020, a former USMS Contract Cook Supervisor previously assigned to the East Hidalgo Detention Center in La Villa, Texas, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse of an inmate.  Brenda Fuentes pleaded guilty in the Southern District of Texas.  According to the plea agreement, Fuentes pleaded guilty to a one-count Indictment, which stated that from on or about July 30, 2018 through on or about August 8, 2018, Fuentes knowingly engaged in a sexual act with a federal inmate who was during this time in official detention and under the custodial, supervisory, and disciplinary authority of Fuentes.  The investigation is being conducted by the OIG’s Houston Area Office, the USMS, and the FBI, with analyst assistance provided by the OIG’s Dallas Field Office.  

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