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Federal Corrections Officer and Inmates Charged with Bribery, Smuggling, and Drug Conspiracy


On December 16, 2021, a BOP Correctional Officer assigned to the United States Penitentiary Atlanta (USP Atlanta) in Georgia, along with two BOP inmates, were arrested pursuant to a previously sealed November 16, 2021, Indictment.  BOP Correctional Officer Patrick Shackelford along with BOP inmates Patrick Kirkman and Mitchell Arms, were indicted in the Northern District of Georgia.  The Indictment charged Shackelford with one count each of conspiracy to commit bribery; conspiracy to provide prohibited objects; bribery; provision of prohibited object – methamphetamine; provision of prohibited object – marijuana; provision of prohibited object – cellular phones; and drug conspiracy.  The Indictment charged the two inmates with one count each of conspiracy to obtain and possess prohibited objects; possessing, obtaining, and attempting to obtain a prohibited object – methamphetamine; possessing, obtaining and attempting to obtain a prohibited object – marijuana; and drug conspiracy.  In addition, inmate Kirkman was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bribery.   According to the Indictment, from in or about June 2018 through in or about February 2019, with Shackelford’s knowledge and assistance, inmates working under his direction on the plumbing crew were able to smuggle contraband into USP Atlanta from a visitor’s bathroom through a section of USP Atlanta known as W-ward.  Shackelford and inmates working for him allegedly created several holes in W-ward and in the visitors’ bathroom through which contraband could be passed into USP Atlanta.  Shackelford allegedly helped facilitate the distribution of narcotics and other contraband into USP Atlanta by escorting inmates to W-ward to pick up the contraband on nearly a weekly basis.  Shackelford further allegedly helped the inmates by allowing them to store contraband within the maintenance office, including hiding it in the ceiling above his office. Shackelford allegedly received $5,000 in cash and pain pills, in exchange for permitting inmates on the plumbing crew to smuggle in contraband and distribute it to other inmates.  Additionally, Shackelford allegedly used BOP inmates to complete his assigned plumbing duties.  The investigation is being conducted by the OIG’s Atlanta Area Office, with assistance from the FBI-Atlanta Division.

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