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Thank you for contacting the DOJ OIG

If your complaint does not fall within the DOJ OIG’s investigative authority, you may need to contact another federal, state, or local agency for assistance.

  • For 911 emergencies, contact your local police department or sheriff’s office.
  • For complaints regarding a state prison or local jail, contact the state Inspector General’s office or internal affairs unit that oversees the detaining agency. If you have a complaint about a U.S. Marshals Service detainee being held in a state prison or local jail, you may submit your complaint to the DOJ OIG.
  • For complaints involving fraud, waste, abuse, or misconduct at federal agencies other than the DOJ, contact information for the appropriate federal Inspector General’s office can be found here.
  • For complaints involving fraud, waste, or abuse related to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) of 2020, contact the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee here.
  • For complaints related to misconduct by federal judges, please refer to the United States Courts website.
  • For complaints involving civil rights violations committed by individuals outside of the DOJ, contact the DOJ Civil Rights Division here.