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The September 11 Detainees:
A Review of the Treatment of Aliens Held on Immigration Charges in Connection with the Investigation of the September 11 Attacks

June 2003
Office of the Inspector General



ADMAX SHU Administrative Maximum Special Housing Unit (BOP)
A-File Alien File - maintained by the INS; contains an alien's immigration history.
BIA Board of Immigration Appeals, Department of Justice
BOP Federal Bureau of Prisons
BOP Region The BOP divides the United States into six regions; each region is responsible for BOP facilities located within its jurisdiction.
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CRU Custody Review Unit (INS)
Department U.S. Department of Justice
DHS Department of Homeland Security
D&R Office of Detention and Removal - the INS division responsible for detaining aliens pending their removal from the United States for violating immigration laws.
EC Electronic communication refers to a messaging system used by the FBI to electronically communicate between FBI offices or within an FBI office.
EOIR Executive Office of Immigration Review (Department of Justice)
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI Field Office The FBI operates 56 Field Offices located in cities throughout the United States.
Habeas corpus Latin term literally translated as "that you may have the body," refers to a legal pleading in which a federal court is requested to order a government official to undertake a particular action.
I-44A Squad Unit created by the FBI's New York Field Office to follow up on PENTTBOM leads. This squad also had responsibility for clearing detainees arrested in connection with the PENTTBOM investigation in the New York City area.
IGA Intergovernmental Service Agreement; in this review, relates to a contracts between government agencies to provide services.
INA Immigration and Nationality Act - created by Pub. L. No. 82-414 (1952) and as amended by Pub. L. No. 107-296 (2002).
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service (as of March 1, 2003, part of the Department of Homeland Security)
INS Custody List The list maintained by the INS containing names of September 11 detainees.
INS District The INS operated 33 Districts located in cities throughout the United States; each District was responsible for administering immigration programs within its jurisdiction.
INS Form G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative - filed with the INS by the attorney of record representing a detainee.
INS Form I-213 Record of Deportable/Inadmissible Alien - the INS arrest report.
INS Form I-286 Notice of Custody Determination - form used by an INS detainee to request a bond re-determination hearing.
INS Form I-862 Notice to Deportable Alien - also known as the Notice to Appear or NTA (the "charging document" in an immigration case).
INS Region The INS field structure included three regions - Eastern, Central, and Western - that reported to INS Headquarters and were responsible for administering immigration programs within their jurisdictions.
ITOS International Terrorism Operations Section, Counter-terrorism Division (FBI)
JTTF Joint Terrorism Task Force - multi-agency terrorism task force led by the FBI.
Management Interest Group 155 Second designation applied to September 11 detainees held at MDC (first designation was "Witness Security" inmates or WITSEC).
MCC Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, New York (BOP)
MDC Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York (BOP)
NSLD National Security Law Division, Office of the General Counsel (INS)
NSLU National Security Law Unit, OGC (FBI)
NSU National Security Unit, Field Operations Division (INS)
NTA Notice to Appear - INS Form I-862, Notice to Deportable Alien (the "charging document" in an immigration case).
OGC Office of General Counsel
OIG Office of the Inspector General (Department of Justice)
OIL Office of Immigration Litigation, Civil Division (Department of Justice)
OLC Office of Legal Counsel (Department of Justice)
Passaic County Jail Referred to as "Passaic" in the report, the jail is located in Paterson, New Jersey.
PENTTBOM Name given to the FBI's investigation of the September 11, 2001, Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombings.
POCR Post Order Custody Review - the INS review required after a detainee has remained in INS custody for 90 days after issuance of a final order of removal by an Immigration Judge. The purpose of the review is to determine whether the detainee's continued detention is warranted.
Pro Bono List A list of attorneys willing to represent immigration clients without compensation. The INS is required to provide this list to detainees.
SENTRY Database used by the BOP to monitor the movement and management of all BOP inmates.
SDO Supervisory Detention Officer (INS)
SDU Special Detention Unit (Passaic)
SHU Special Housing Unit (MDC)
SIOC Strategic Information and Operations Center at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
SIOC Working Group Group established to coordinate efforts among the various Department components that had an investigative interest in or responsibility for the September 11 detainees. This group became known as the "SIOC Working Group" because its initial meetings took place in the FBI's SIOC. Members of the group included representatives from the FBI, INS, the Department's Office of Immigration Litigation, the Terrorism and Violent Crime Section of the Department's Criminal Division, and the Office of the Deputy Attorney General.
SPC Service Processing Center - facility where the INS processes and detains illegal aliens who are awaiting disposition of their immigration cases or awaiting removal from the country.
Special SIS Case Third designation used by the BOP for September 11 detainees. The MDC's Special Investigative Staff (SIS) supervised information and visitation policies concerning September 11 detainees.
SSA Supervisory Special Agent (INS, FBI)
TVCS Terrorism and Violent Crime Section, Criminal Division (Department of Justice)
USA PATRIOT Act The Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (Pub. L. No. 107-56 (2001).
USMS United States Marshals Service
WITSEC "Witness Security" inmate - WITSEC was the first designation applied by the BOP to the September 11 detainees.

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