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A Review of the Norfolk Ship Jumping Incident

December 2002
Office of the Inspector General


  1. Introduction
  2. Background
    1. INS Structure
    2. Visas and Visa Waivers
      1. Entrance of nonimmigrants into the United States
      2. Crewmen visas
    3. Policy Change On Deferred Inspection, Parole, and Waivers of Documentary Requirements

  3. Norfolk Incident
    1. Factual Chronology
    2. INS Response
    3. Outcome of Ship Jumping Case

  4. OIG's Analysis of the Norfolk Ship Jumping Incident
    1. Norfolk's Knowledge of the Policy Change
    2. Responsibility for Norfolk's Failure to Receive or Comply with the November 14 Policy Change
      1. Bittner
      2. Howard
    3. Movement of Bittner

  5. The INS's Dissemination of New Policies
    1. How INS Distributed the November 14 Memorandum
      1. Eastern Region
      2. Western Region
      3. Central Region
    2. Local Changes in Dissemination Processes
    3. Headquarters Practices

  6. Conclusions