A Review of the September 2005 Shooting Incident Involving
the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Filiberto Ojeda Ríos

August 2006
Office of the Inspector General

Index of Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Major Events in the Macheteros/Ojeda Investigation

Figure 2: Map of Puerto Rico

Figure 3: Aerial View of Sites 1 and 2

Figure 4: Aerial View of Ojeda Residence (Site 1)

Figure 5: Ojeda Operation Timeline

Figure 6: Select Features on Front (White) Side of Residence (Foliage Removed)

Figure 7: 3-D Diagram of Interior of the Residence

Figure 8: View of the Front of the Residence (Before Foliage Removed)

Figure 9: View of Residence from Approximate Position of Shooter

Figure 10: Doorway Bloodstain Before the Body was Removed

Figure 11: Doorway Bloodstain After the Body was Removed

Table 1: Comparison of Shell Casing Evidence as Described by Forensic Laboratory with Agent Statements

Figure 12: Trajectory of Shots Through Front Door

Figure 13: Ceiling Impact from Shots Through Front Door

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