A Review of the FBI's Handling of Intelligence Information Prior to the September 11 Attacks

Special Report
November 2004 (Released Publicly June 2005)
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix 1
List of Acronyms


ACS — Automated Case Support System 
ADIC — Assistant Director in Charge 
AG Guidelines — Attorney General Guidelines 
AGRT — Attorney General’s Review Team 
ALAT — Assistant Legal Attache 
ASAC — Assistant Special Agent in Charge 
AUSA — Assistant United States Attorney 

CDC — Chief Division Counsel 
CIA — Central Intelligence Agency 
CIR — Central Intelligence Report (CIA) 
CIRG — Critical Incidents Response Group 
CTC — Counter Terrorist Center (CIA) 
CTD — Counterterrorism Division (FBI) 

DCI — Director of Central intelligence 
DEA — Drug Enforcement Administration 
DTOS — Domestic Terrorism Operations Section 

EC — Electronic Communication 

FAA — Federal Aviation Administration 
FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigation 
FCI — Foreign Counterintelligence 
FFI — Full Field Investigation 
FISA — Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 
FISC — Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court 
FTO — Foreign Terrorist Organization 

GAO — General Accounting Office 

IIIA — Integrated Intelligence Information Application 
INS — Immigration and Naturalization Service 
IOS — Intelligence Operations Specialist 
IRS — Intelligence Research Specialist 
ISD — Investigative Services Division 
ITOS — International Terrorism Operations Section 

JICI — Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry 
JTFF — Joint Terrorism Task Force 

LEGAT - Legal Attache 
LHM — Letterhead Memorandum 

MAOP — Manual of Administrative Operations and Procedures 
MIOG — Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines 

NSA — National Security Agency 
NDPO — National Domestic Preparedness Office 
NIPC — National Infrastructure Protection Program 
NFIP — National Foreign Intelligence Program 
NSD — National Security Division 
NSL — National Security Letter 
NSLU — National Security Law Unit 

OGC — Office of General Counsel 
OIG — Office of the Inspector General 
OIPR — Office of Intelligence Policy and Review 
OLC — Office of Legal Counsel 
OPR — Office of Professional Responsibility 
ORCON — Originator controlled 

PI — Preliminary Inquiry 

RFU — Radical Fundamentalist Unit 

SAC — Special Agent in Charge 
SCI — Sensitive compartmented information 
SCIF — Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility 
SDNY — Southern District of New York 
SIOC — Strategic Information & Operations Center 
SSA —  Supervisory Special Agent 
STU III — Secure Telephone Unit third generation 

TAOG — Threat Assessment Operations Group 
TD — Telegraphic Dissemination (CIA) 
TECS — Treasury Enforcement Communication System 

UBL - Usama Bin Laden 
UBLU — Usama Bin Laden Unit 
USAO — United States Attorney’s Office 
USIC — U.S. Intelligence Community 

WTC — World Trade Center 


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