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An Investigation of Travel Reimbursements in Connection with the INSís Operation Safeguard

December 2002
Office of the Inspector General



  1. Introduction
  2. The Scope of the OIG Investigation
  3. Background
    1. Operation Safeguard 99
    2. Selection of agents and handling of travel arrangements

  4. Findings
    1. Incentives offered by lodging providers to detailed agents
      1. Windemere Hotel
      2. Gadsden Hotel
      3. Mountain Vista Apartments and Supermarket Coupons
      4. Southern Arizona Realty Company
      5. [DELETED]
      6. Brewery Avenue Designs, Bisbee, Arizona
      7. Gateway Studio Suites, Sierra Vista, Arizona
      8. Motel 6, Douglas, Arizona
      9. Valle Realty, Bisbee, Arizona
      10. Personal Interviews of selected Lodging Providers
      11. Questionnaires and Surveys
    2. Supervisory BPAs renting to detailed agents
      1. SBPA rented a room in primary residence
      2. SBPAs' rental of income properties
      3. Other cases

  5. INS's Processing of Travel Vouchers
  6. Alleged Retaliation Against INS Complainants
    1. INS OIA Special Agent and Douglas APAIC
    2. Complainants' training and promotion opportunities

  7. INS's Corrective Actions
  8. OIG's Conclusions and Recommendations