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Review of Child Pornography and Obscenity Crimes
Report Number I-2001-07
July 19, 2001


Child Pornography Statutes

Title 18 United States Code, Chapter 110 - Sexual Exploitation and Other Abuse of Children

Section 2251 (a)(b)(c). Sexual Exploitation of Children

Section 2251A (a)(b). Selling or Buying Children

Section 2252. Certain Activities Relating to Material Involving the Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Any person who possesses, transports, receives, or sells any visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Section 2252A. Certain Activities Relating to Material Constituting or Containing Child Pornography

Any person, who knowingly transports, receives, distributes, reproduces, sells or is in possession of child pornography.

Section 2253. Criminal Forfeiture

A person who is convicted of a child pornography offense or transporting a minor shall forfeit any visual depiction described in Section 2251, 2251A, and 2252 and any property obtained or used from such offense.

Section 2254. Civil Forfeiture

Property subject to forfeiture include:

Section 2255. Civil Remedy for Personal Injuries

Any minor who is a victim of a violation of section 2241(c), 2242, 2243, 2251, 2251A, 2252, 2252A, 2260, 2421, 2422, or 2423 who suffers personal injury as a result of such violation may sue in any appropriate United States District Court. 7

Section 2256. Definitions for Chapter 110

Section 2257. Record Keeping Requirements

Whoever produces materials that contain one or more visual depiction of actual sexually explicit conduct shall create and maintain records pertaining to every performer portrayed in such a visual depiction. Records include such information as the performer's name and date of birth.

Section 2260(a)(b). Production of Sexually Explicit Depictions of a Minor for Importation into the United States

A person outside the United States who employs or coerce any minor to engage in any sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing, transporting or distributing visual depiction intending to import the materials into the United States or waters within 12 miles of a U.S. coast.

  1. Section 2421 refers to transporting of individuals with the intent to engage in prostitution or other illegal sexual activity. Section 2422 refers to the act of coercing or enticing an individual to engage in prostitution or other illegal sexual activity. Section 2423 refers specifically to the transportation of minors for the purposes of prostitution or illegal sexual activity.

  2. Section 2241 refers to aggravated sexual abuse. Section 2242 refers to sexual abuse. Section 2243 refers to the sexual abuse of a minor or ward.

  3. Under Section 1030, "computer" is defined as an electronic, magnetic, optical, electrochemical, or other high speed data processing device performing logical, arithmetic, or storage functions, and includes any data storage facility directly related to or operating in conjunction with such device, but such term does not include an automated typewriter or typesetter, a portable hand held calculator, or other similar device.