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Department Critical Infrastructure Protection Implementing Plans to Protect Cyber-Based Infrastructure

Report No. 04-05
November 2003
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix 5
Department of Justice's Computer-Based Minimum Essential Infrastructures

Assets from
January 2001 MEI
Assets from
December 2002 MEI
DEA El Paso Intelligence Center (EIS) EPIC EIS
  Mercury (M2K) M2K
  Merlin Merlin
  Firebird Firebird
  Model 204 Model 204
FBI   Centralized Data Intercept
    Electronic File Room
    Wide Area Network
    Firebird nodes in SOD and Command Center
    Key Asset Database
    Secure Radio System
    Digital Storm Collection Systems
  Mainframe and applications Mainframe and applications
  Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS - WAN)  
  Integrated Automated Fingerprint ID System (IAFIS) IAFIS
  National Crime Information Center System 2000 (NCIC 2000) NCIC 2000
  FBI Wide Area Network (FBI NET) FBI NET
  Intelligence Information System (IISNET)  
  Secured Automated Messaging Network (SAMNET)  
INS Central Index System (CIS)  
  Enforcement Case Tracking System (ENFORCE)  
  Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT)  
  INS Integrated National Communications System (INSINC)  
JMD Justice Consolidated Network (JCN) JCN
  Justice Data Center (JDC) - Dallas Computing Platforms JDC-D
  Justice Data Center - Washington Computing Platforms JDC-W
    Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Source: Justice Management Division's 1999 CIP Plan (with added appendices) and April 2003 Draft CIP Plan
Legend: Bold Italicized items - Deletions from MEI;
            Bolded Items - Additions to MEI