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Review of the INS's National Customer Service Center
Telephone Information Service

Report No. I-2002-001
December 2001



Question Times
Times Referred
What INS Service Center Services are in my area? 1  
Can I travel outside the United States while applying for naturalization? 1 1
What can I do if INS denies my application for naturalization?   1
Can I reapply for naturalization if INS denies my application?   1
Do I need to obtain a new Permanent Resident Card when INS issues a new version of the card? 1  
How much does it cost to apply for a work permit (cost to submit form I-765)? 1 1  
How do I apply for a work permit?   4
I have heard of something called an "interim Employment Authorization Document" or Interim EAD, what is this, and am I eligible to get one? 2 3
How can I check the status of my application for a work permit?   1
Can I renew my residency card from outside of the United States? 1  
How can I find out the status of my application for a residency card?   1
Do U.S. citizens need to provide proof of employment eligibility when they take a job? 2 2
Do I need to complete a Form I-9 for everyone I hire for a job with my company?   5
Can I fire an employee who fails to produce the required work authorization document?   4
What happens if an employee of mine completes a Form I-9 and the INS discovers that my employee is not actually authorized to work?   4
How do I check the authenticity of document(s) presented toMe [for employment verification, I-9]?   4
May I accept a photocopy of a document presented by an employee? 3 2
How do I apply for permission to transfer schools?   2
How can I extend my stay as a student in the United States?   2
Can I travel outside the United States as a student?   1