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Survey of INS's Anti-Smuggling Units
Report Number I-2001-003
March 2001



CENTRAL REGION          District-Based:            Sector-Based:
  Chicago District
Dallas District
Denver District
El Paso District
Harlingen District
Houston District
San Antonio District
Del Rio Sector
El Paso Sector
Laredo Sector
Marfa Sector
McAllen Sector
  Atlanta District
Boston District
Buffalo District
Detroit District
Miami District
New York District
San Juan District
Washington District
Miami Sector
New Orleans Sector
Swanton Sector
  Honolulu District
Los Angeles District
Phoenix District
San Diego District
San Francisco District
Seattle District
Blaine Sector
El Centro Sector
Livermore Sector
San Diego Sector
Tucson Sector
Yuma Sector

The ASUs listed above were included in our survey. It was our intention to survey 100 percent of the ASUs. However, we had difficulty constructing a definitive list of ASUs because INS has no standard procedure for establishing an ASU and does not have one clear definition of what constitutes an ASU.

ASUs listed above are considered ASUs by INS headquarters, the corresponding regional office, and the ASUs themselves. These ASUs have criminal investigators who work exclusively on anti-smuggling cases. Sub-offices are not listed.