Sentinel Audit III:  Status of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s
Case Management System (Redacted - Public Version)

Audit Report 07-40
August 2007
Office of the Inspector General

Appendix 8
PMO Staff Positions and Responsibilities

Program Leadership

The Sentinel program leadership consists of a program manager and a deputy program manager who are responsible for ensuring the overall success of the Sentinel project.

Direct Reporting Staff

The direct reporting staff includes the following:

Organization Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is responsible for preparing Sentinel users to accept and utilize Sentinel’s capabilities. OCM provides a formal path for receiving new user-originated requirements during the implementation of the system. The OCM team includes special agents, intelligence analysts, and professional staff who are on temporary duty assignments to the Sentinel program.

Business Management

The Business Management organizational unit develops and maintains program investments, budget, and spending plans. The team also monitors, analyzes, and reports on the program’s Earned Value Management status.

Administrative Support

The Administrative Support staff directs the administrative and support services required by the Program Management Office.

Program Integration

The Program Integration staff is responsible for developing and maintaining the Sentinel project baseline and then tracking progress and risks against that baseline. This team is also responsible for coordinating external interfaces development plans and dependency schedules.

System Development

The System Development staff is responsible for the overall system design and its implementation increments. This team is also responsible for the technical performance outcome of the Sentinel program and is accountable for the systems requirements and the delivery of a system whose technical performance meets users’ expectations.


The Transition team is responsible for all activities associated with the transition of Sentinel phase capability from its development to eventual use by the FBI user community.

Operations and Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance staff is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the deployed Sentinel capabilities until it reaches full operation capability. At which time this responsibility will be transferred to the FBI’s Information Technology Operations Division.

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