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Federal Bureau of Investigation Casework and Human Resource Allocation
Report No. 03-37
September 2003
Office of the Inspector General


Appendix V

Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACS Automated Case Support
AFOR Annual Field Office Report
AG Attorney General
AOB Average On Board
APP Applicant Matters Program
ATC Administrative Time Capture
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CR Civil Rights Program
DAWY Direct Agent Work Year
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
DSWY Direct Support Work Year
DT Domestic Terrorism Program
FSL Funded Staffing Level
FY Fiscal Year
MISC Miscellaneous Matters Program
NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Program
9/11 September 11, 2001
NIPCIP National Infrastructure Protection/Computer Intrusion Program
OC/D Organized Crime/Drugs Program
OCDETF Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OMB Office of Management and Budget
PI Preliminary Inquiry
RMA Resource Management and Allocation
SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics
TRAIN Training Program
TURK Time Utilization and Recordkeeping
USMS United States Marshals Service
VCMO Violent Crimes and Major Offenders Program
WCC White Collar Crime Program