Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

1. OIG findings regarding Roundup participation
by Bureau of Prison employees

We found no Bureau of Prison employees who attended a Roundup while they were employed by DOJ but did identify two employees who attended prior to their DOJ employment. Neither of these employees' attendance raised any concerns regarding racist or other inappropriate behavior.

[File no. 2285] [/ File numbers have been used in place of names for privacy reasons. ] attended one Roundup in 1981, before any identifiable racist or other inappropriate behavior was found at the Roundup. [File no. 2286] went to the 1994 Roundup on behalf of the firm for whom he was then employed. He spent his time at the Roundup attempting to interest attendees in his company's services. He did not camp at the campground and was only there for several hours during the day over several days. He did not observe any racist or other inappropriate conduct at the Roundup. The only report of clearly racially motivated conduct we received for 1994 was the possible suggestion that cars should be checked for "niggers" which, if it occurred, happened very late at night. We have no reason to believe that [File no. 2286] was present at the campground at that time or observed this alleged incident. We also have no information that he was aware of any racist activity at prior Roundups when he attended the 1994 Roundup. He did not return in 1995. We have no evidence, therefore, that he either encouraged or approved of racist conduct.