Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

A. The Relative Size of DOJ Participation in the Roundup

As a proportion of total participants, DOJ employee participation in the Roundup has been extremely small. DOJ personnel constituted only 3 percent of the 1,369 persons we identified as having frequented one or more Roundup. The largest number of DOJ employees in attendance in any given year was eleven (1986 and 1994), accounting for approximately 2 percent of the persons present in those years. On average, only six of the attendees in any given year worked for the Department of Justice.

As evident in the chart below, over half of the DOJ attendees attended only one Roundup; 70 percent attended two Roundups or a single Roundup.

Number of Number of Roundups Employees Attended

23 1 8 2 7 3-4 6 More than 4

Half of the DOJ employees who participated in the Roundup over the years did not attend a single Roundup after 1988. Eleven of the thirteen who went to three or more Roundups went to at least one Roundup after 1988.

DOJ employees historically have not been significant participants in the official activities or structure of the Roundup. Those who stayed overnight at the campground generally camped outside the main campsite. Many did not stay overnight at the campground at all. Most never watched the skits or the other competitions. Only one DOJ employee, now retired, has served as a MOB, and none has served on the REX. We found only one Justice attendee who participated in the skits; in 1984 he was in a group that told a joke. No Justice employee ever won Redneck of the Year, Ugliest Good O' Boy, or the Liar's contest. None was elected president or vice-president. A few of the more frequent attendees volunteered for various committees, such as security or registration, when they arrived at the campsite. This involved volunteering a few hours to tend a shift at the registration desk or checking for wristbands around the campground at night. The only officially sponsored activities joined in by most DOJ participants were the whitewater rafting and the meals. Others spent their time hiking, shopping, fishing, competing in the motorcycle competitions, playing volleyball, or visiting with friends.