Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

8. Criminal and other misconduct

The allegations that a woman was gang-raped at a Roundup are unsubstantiated. The claims that illegal drugs were distributed or used by attendees at the Roundup are also unsubstantiated. No credible evidence exists that participants at the Roundup either engaged in sex on the stage at Grumpy's or that they performed bestiality during the Roundup.

Although ostensibly against Roundup policy, strippers were present at various Roundups beginning as early as 1988. Although suspicions of prostitutes being present began as early as 1986, we found no evidence that anyone was actually solicited or that sex for money occurred. Substantial evidence was found, however, that local women were brought to the campground as overnight guests. Overwhelming evidence also exists that excessive consumption of alcohol was commonplace. We found no evidence to substantiate the allegation that there were problems with fighting at the Roundup.

On occasion moonshine, or what was purported to be moonshine, was present and consumed at the Roundups. It was not, however, widely available. The claim that the individual purportedly drinking moonshine in a photograph taken by Hayward at the 1992 Roundup is an ATF agent is unsubstantiated.