Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

7. Other racist conduct

While the claim that ATF agents were "checking cars for niggers" at the 1989 Roundup is unsubstantiated, unidentified perpetrators did "check cars" for a short time during the 1990 and the 1992 Roundups. One witness stated that an unidentified individual suggested that cars be similarly checked late one night at the 1991 and 1994 Roundups. We have insufficient information to determine whether the suggestion was carried out.

The claim that an effigy was hung by the registration desk in 1989 is contrary to substantial credible evidence.

While tapes of music with racist lyrics were occasionally played by unidentified individuals at various Roundups from the late 1980s forward, the claim that they were openly offered for sale at the 1989 Roundup is unsubstantiated.