Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

6. Racist statements to individuals

Although the allegation that black agents were turned away from the 1995 Roundup is unsubstantiated, one current and three retired Fort Lauderdale police officers approached Jack Scott on Thursday night during the 1995 Roundup and, using racial epithets, complained about the presence of a black ATF agent and a black police officer. Jack Scott left the Roundup early because of this confrontation. Malone and Goldston also left that evening and did not return as previously planned. The Fort Lauderdale officers also left the Roundup early after Rightmyer told them that blacks were welcome at the Roundup and if they did not like it, they should leave.

Also during the 1995 Roundup, after two black officers had entered the campground, a retired suburban Alabama police officer asked a person on the security detail "Who let the niggers in?" The security person told the officer to go away. There was no confrontation with these black officers.