Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

a) Evidence

The most frequently recurring incidents of nudity involved men walking to and from the bathhouse wearing nothing but sandals. We heard that on one occasion a nude man walked out of the bathhouse and a woman made some type of comment about that fact as he walked past her. He reportedly responded that it was his campground, he had been coming there for years, and he would go around naked if he wished.

On other occasions the nudity we heard about involved pranks such as someone pulling another person's trousers down and the "victim" just walking out of his trousers. We also heard that a retired suburban Alabama police officer was naked on the stage while awards were being announced for other persons. This same officer was known for urinating in public around the campground. We were told that a city police officer, now retired, had a tattoo on his derriere which he was known for showing to anyone who was interested in seeing it. [ / In the December 1995 issue of Soldier of Fortune there is a photograph of this officer showing the tattoo. The magazine's claim that this individual is an ATF agent is in error. ] Several witnesses said this same officer wore his retirement badge on his penis while he walked around exposing himself.

In 1991 a Birmingham police officer who was naked reportedly climbed on top of a local sheriff's police car and straddled the roof. The official 1992 Roundup T-shirt portrayed this incident in its logo. [ / We also heard that shortly after the officer climbed onto the car roof there was a nearby bolt of lightening and a loud clap of thunder. The officer reportedly was off the car in an instant. ] We also learned that more recently a civilian rode around the open fields adjacent to the campground on a motorcycle while naked and with an inflatable "love doll" on the seat behind him. And in 1995, a group of Canadians reportedly dressed only in jock straps, cummerbunds, and black bow ties for the chili contest.