Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

4. Allegation regarding bestiality and OIG findings

Affiant A alleged that the Roundup purchased a goat to be used for bestiality. She also alleged that if the participants did not want to have sex with the goat, they were required to drink motor oil. She admitted that she never observed such activity but was merely repeating what she had heard. [ / This person called the stories she had heard "river talk." We would call it gossip. It was very apparent that the local residents frequently engaged in telling stories about alleged goings on inside the campground. Most of these people had never been to the campground but were very willing to repeat, embellish, and pass on whatever they had heard. ]

Attendees emphatically told us that no one had sex with any animals. This rumor apparently had its genesis in two different Redneck of the Year skits. One involved a Secret Service agent who in advance had obtained an empty, unused oil can from a refinery and filled it with a mixture of honey and tea to simulate motor oil. He then had the can sealed. Although we heard several versions of what he said before he opened the can, the gist of the story involved him saying something about needing his oil or a drink, punching a hole in the can with an oil spout, and then drinking the "motor oil." He claimed that to this day, some people believe that he actually drank motor oil.

The second skit in fact involved a sheep, not a goat. The contestant, who is not employed by a law enforcement agency, went to a local sheep farmer and purchased an adult female sheep. The man dressed up in a white tuxedo, put a ribbon on the sheep, walked on stage, and introduced the sheep to the crowd as his "girlfriend." He had a story that went along with this show. [ / No one remembered the story exactly. Some people remembered the skit as involving the man getting married to the sheep or others thought he was getting divorced from the sheep. It may have been both. ] We were assured that shortly after the skit was finished the sheep was taken to the barn at Grumpy's where it remained until the farmer came to pick it up. The farmer confirmed that when he retrieved the sheep, it was in good health and had not been harmed in any way. The farmer was also delighted to get the sheep back because he had sold it for full price and was later able to sell it to a second customer.

We thus found no credible evidence that bestiality occurred or was part of a ritual at the Roundup. We found no truth to the rumor that anyone had to drink motor oil or have sex with any animal for any reason.