Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

d) OIG findings regarding prostitution,
strippers, and public sex

Despite the many rumors of prostitutes in the crowd, we found no evidence that anyone was ever solicited for prostitution or that sex for money occurred. Uniformly the suspicion that these women were prostitutes was based solely on physical appearances as opposed to observing any solicitations. Several witnesses told us that in 1995 two scantily clad women appeared at the entrance to the campground one afternoon and were refused entry because the people at the registration desk believed them to be prostitutes. Many attendees went to Grumpy's to meet local women, and some women were brought back to the campground for the night. We have no information that these liaisons were anything but consensual and not for money.

Substantial evidence exists that strippers performed at the campground year after year. Evidence also indicates that the Roundup organizers officially disapproved of such activity and took steps to stop it each time it occurred. In virtually each instance of stripping reported to us, the performers were ejected. The organizers, however, were not as harsh on the men who invited the women to perform. Virtually every time, the men prevailed upon the organizers not to eject them too. As nothing happened to those who watched the strippers or those who brought them in as guests, we conclude that such activity occurred each year after 1992 and that efforts to discourage strippers were half-hearted at best.

Finally, we found no credible evidence that persons engaged in public sex at Grumpy's during the 1995 Roundup. We did hear stories of Roundup attendees pulling down the trousers of fellow attendees while they were on the dance floor. Several interviewees told us this prank was intended to be funny and not as a prelude to any sexual misconduct.