Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

c) Public sex at Grumpy's

Affiant A claimed she had heard that people engaged in public sex on the stage and dance floor at Grumpy's during the 1995 Roundup. [ / Because Grumpy's had burned down earlier in the year, it was housed in a tent for the 1995 Roundup. The "stage" was the bed of a tractor trailer. The "dance floor" was an area covered in gravel. ] She did not observe such activity herself. The person who allegedly gave this information to Affiant A told us that she had not been inside Grumpy's during the Roundup and that she in turn heard this allegation from a local man. This man denied having seen such activity in the short time he was at Grumpy's in 1995. Finally, we tracked down the leader of the band who played at Grumpy's the weekend of the 1995 Roundup. He said the stage was so crowded with equipment that there was no room for anyone else. Moreover, he did not see anyone having sex on the dance floor and believed if any of the other band members had seen any such act, they would have pointed it out to him. Because he was elevated above the crowd, he was in a better position to see such activity than virtually anyone else in the bar. No one claimed to have actually seen such activity.