Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

b) Unwanted sexual conduct

In addition to her allegations of a rape, Affiant A claimed that she had heard that naked men climbed trees in the campground and jumped down on women passing below. Larry Stewart repeated a similar story in a post-Senate hearing interview. Harold Stockburger also repeated this claim in an interview with Treasury OIG. None of these people claim to have actually witnessed such conduct or, indeed, to have ever been in the campground during a Roundup.

Affiant B claimed someone grabbed her breasts and flipped up her skirt one night. She said, however, that another attendee came to her assistance. Another local woman reported that she felt she needed an escort past certain campgrounds at night. One woman told us when she and a girlfriend pulled into the campground and began to get out of the car men started running toward them yelling, "women!" They jumped back into the car and locked the doors until someone came and escorted them through the campground.