Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

a) Rapes

The two anonymous affiants alleged that they had heard that a woman was gang-raped at a Roundup. Affiant A claimed to have heard that twenty-five men at the Roundup got a woman drunk, placed her on a picnic table, took turns having sex with her, and then urinated on her. Affiant A had no personal knowledge about the incident. Affiant B claimed to have been in the campground when a woman was "gang-banged" by many officers who then urinated on her.

During the investigation we located a man who claimed to have seen a gang rape at either the 1988 or 1989 Roundup. This was the same man who claimed to have obtained cocaine at an earlier Roundup. He said one Friday or Saturday night at about
2 a.m. he saw a woman lying unconscious on a picnic table while six to eight men had sex with her and then urinated on her. He said he was approximately 100 feet from where it occurred, that he did not make any effort to stop it, and that a group of officers sitting only 15 feet away also took no action.

All three of these people identified one particular woman as the alleged victim. We located that woman and interviewed her at length on several occasions. She attended several Roundups. She denied being raped or urinated on at a Roundup.

In addition to this public allegation of rape, Curtis Cooper, in an interview several months after his Senate testimony, alleged that in approximately 1987 he had spoken with a former ATF agent who told him he had attended a Roundup and observed an ATF agent get a woman intoxicated and, with some other men, have "various sexual relations" with her that "constituted rape."