Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

b) Drug use

In addition to drug distribution claims, we received several allegations of drug use at various Roundups. A civilian attendee recalled that, in approximately 1986, he and some others were standing by the bathhouse when they smelled marijuana. A local male walked out and someone commented on "how stupid it was to have drugs in the middle of 300 cops." This witness said the man left in "a big hurry." We received no information that anyone from the Roundup participated in any marijuana use in this incident.

One DOJ attendee said that he had heard someone had smoked marijuana, but he did not know whether the person was a law enforcement officer or a civilian. He heard that this problem was taken care of "very quickly." We were unable to obtain any further details to determine whether this story was accurate or to even associate the alleged incident with any date or time. We do not know if it was the same incident reported by the civilian regarding the local person smoking marijuana in the bathrooms. Two local men suggested to us that some of the river raft guides had marijuana on occasion. We do not know whether any of them possessed or used marijuana while the campground was inundated with police officers.

A local man who was not an official attendee of a Roundup claimed that people used marijuana in the campground during a Roundup. Initially he contended that he had smoked it himself. Then he denied seeing it at all but only smelling it. Then he claimed to have seen ten persons using it. He did not provide any description of these persons or any other details regarding what he allegedly saw.

Another local resident made a vague claim that she smelled marijuana as she drove past the campground in 1994 and again in 1995. She provided no details regarding the timing of these alleged incidents or the location of the odor.

Finally, Harold Stockburger [ / Stockburger was the person who obtained the affidavits from the two Ocoee area residents that were produced to the Senate Judiciary Committee. ] told a Treasury OIG investigator that he was certain that drugs were being used at the Roundup because he had heard that naked men had been hanging in the trees like monkeys. Having seen drunken men before, he said

he was confident that this particular activity was not caused by alcohol and thus inferred that drugs must have been involved.