Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

B. OIG Findings Regarding General Allegations of
Racist Intent and a "Whites-Only" Policy

Having described our findings with respect to each year's activities at the Roundup and the evidence relating to specific allegations of racist conduct, we next address a central contention: that the Roundup was a "whites-only" event akin to a "Klan rally" at which the racist views of law enforcement officers could be openly expressed during an off-duty gathering. With an issue as emotionally charged as this one, our investigation sought to assess fairly the views of whites and blacks on a range of questions that bear on this central issue. In examining the issue of racist "policies" at the Roundup, we analyze six general aspects of the Roundup: its name, location, invitation policies, attendance patterns, leadership, and official activities. We conclude this section with a discussion of the disconnection between officially-stated policies and actual events -- particularly in later years -- and an assessment of how perceptions of the Roundup differed among persons interviewed in this investigation.