Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

16. 1995

OIG received numerous allegations of racist conduct at the 1995 Roundup. Attendance fell to the lowest levels since at least 1988, with only 277 registered Good O' Boys and 458 total attendees. [ / We subpoenaed the sign-in sheets so these numbers are actual, not estimates. ] OIG interviewed 178 attendees of the 1995 Roundup and reviewed the statements of 33 additional witnesses interviewed by other agencies. We identified four blacks who attended some portion of the 1995 Roundup. Two Filipinos, one Hispanic, and two Native Americans also attended the Roundup that year.

Attendance by Affiliation

Fig. 35

1995 T-shirt (front)
Fig. 36

1995 T-shirt (back)
Fig. 37

The Redneck of the Year was a civilian who performed a skit about a superhero named Pigman and his sidekick Porkchop. A Johnson City, Tennessee, police officer was elected president of the Roundup. The official T-shirt moved away from the Good O' Boy theme and had a picture of some bears and advertised a fictitious Billy Bob and Bubba's Roadkill Grill.

OIG received allegations that several confrontations occurred over the presence of blacks in the campground. We were also told that witnesses observed racial epithets painted on portable toilets. Allegations were made that sales of racist T-shirts and the distribution of "nigger hunting licenses" occurred at the Roundup. We learned that some people sought to bring in a small statue of a black figure.