Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

15. 1994

1994 T-shirt (front)
Fig. 33

Attendance at the Roundup stabilized at the 1993 levels, again returning to approximately 520 persons, 356 of whom we identified. We interviewed 178 persons who attended the Roundup, including 11 DOJ attendees. [/ One of these eleven did not become a DOJ employee until after his attendance at the Roundup. ] We also received information from the interviews by other agencies of twenty-two additional attendees. We identified one Filipino and two Native Americans who attended this Roundup. Of the 195 persons interviewed who attended the 1994 Roundup, only one claimed to have seen anything racist. This individual did not report either of the two incidents he described until his third interview. [ / This is the same agent who failed to raise allegations of misconduct regarding the 1991 Roundup until he was interviewed a third time. See supra p. 82 and note 104. ]

1994 T-shirt (back)
Fig. 34

For the first time there were co-Rednecks of the Year, a pair of deputy sheriffs from Memphis, Tennessee, who wrote and performed a song about the Roundup. The official T-shirt again reflected the presence of the Canadians, with flags from both countries on the front and a group of "good o' boys" rafting on the back.