Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

b) OIG findings regarding allegations
of racist misconduct in 1993

We found credible the numerous accounts of Hayward's efforts to bring white supremacist materials into the 1993 Roundup. Not only were such accounts offered by a broad range of witnesses, including people friendly to Hayward, but also these claims are consistent with Hayward's public activities on behalf of the NAAWP. As described earlier, Hayward's efforts to deflect responsibility for the article in the NAAWP newsletter demonstrate an unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions. [ / Hayward terminated his OIG interview before he could be specifically asked about his own actions in 1993. Significantly, before Hayward left the interview we raised these particular issues as areas of questioning we wanted to give him an opportunity to respond to. While Hayward indicated a desire to respond to these specific claims, he indicated that he would refuse to answer any other questions. We declined to permit Hayward to select which questions he would or would not answer. ]

We also found credible the agent's report of a person using a racial slur on stage; however, the agent had no information regarding the identity of this person. We also have no information as to who was responsible for removing this individual from the stage.