Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

a) Evidence of racist misconduct in 1993

According to several witnesses we found to be credible on a number of issues, Hayward drove up that year in a car plastered with Duke and NAAWP materials, and was wearing clothing with similar messages. Hayward was also described by a credible witness as wearing a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. mask with a bullet hole in the forehead. No one else remembered this particular detail. [/ We did, however, locate one witness who recalled being told about this fact by Hayward's friend around the time it occurred. ] When Hayward drove up to the registration area he was refused admittance, which sparked an argument with the persons at the desk. They told him he could not go into the campground with any of the materials or with his car. Hayward drove over to a nearby field and was observed sitting for a long time staring at the campground.

At some point he was near Grumpy's and happened to speak to Jack Scott. Scott recalls that Hayward [ / Scott did not know Hayward by name. He identified a photograph of Hayward as the person to whom he spoke. ] complained about being excluded from the Roundup because he wanted to bring Duke materials inside. Hayward told Scott he had come all the way from Michigan and now was going to have to turn around.

Sometime later, Hayward returned to the registration desk on foot. When he agreed to take off the Duke clothing and put on a Roundup shirt and hat, people at the registration desk accepted his check and permitted him to enter the campground. Hayward went inside but at the most remained for only several hours before leaving.

Witnesses recalled him complaining that no one liked him. He left and did not return for the remainder of the 1993 Roundup. [ / A day or so later he stopped payment on the check. ]

A DOJ agent reported that one night during the 1993 Roundup a "very drunk man" got on stage and used the word "nigger." The agent told us this individual was "immediately" pulled from the stage while people shouted, "Get him down from there."