Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

14. 1993

After the substantial racist misconduct present at the 1992 Roundup, the Roundup appears to have occurred without similar episodes in 1993. The only reports of specific racist misconduct involved Richard Hayward's efforts to bring white power materials to the 1993 Roundup and an unidentified person's use of a racial slur while on stage. Approximately 515 persons attended the 1993 Roundup, 354 of whom we have identified and 177 of whom were interviewed. An additional twenty-three witnesses were interviewed by other agencies. Eight DOJ employees attended, all but three of whom had been to at least one previous Roundup. We identified two Filipinos and several Native Americans who attended the 1993 Roundup.

A civilian won Redneck of the Year for his skit with a sheep that he pretended was his girlfriend. The "Emperor for Life" was elected president. The official T-shirt commemorated the tenth anniversary of Canadians attending the Roundup by showing a rafter with the number "10" on his helmet and an arrow pointing north.

After the 1992 Roundup, Rightmyer instituted a new rule prohibiting political activity at the Roundup. For the first time, a flier posted at the registration desk declared that the Roundup was not political and that racist behavior would not be tolerated. Each person was required to read the flier and accept its terms at registration. Many witnesses described this rule as a direct response to Hayward's

actions at the 1992 Roundup. Moreover, a renewed emphasis was placed on attracting law enforcement officers to the Roundup, as the recent trend had been toward civilians. [ / Indeed, there was a period of time when the number of non-law enforcement persons had grown so dramatically that there was some concern that the law enforcement purpose had become diluted. It was jokingly said that "originally one had to be in law enforcement to attend the Roundup, then one merely needed to know someone in law enforcement to attend the Roundup, then one merely had to have been arrested by someone in law enforcement to attend the Roundup." ]

1993 T-shirt (back)
Fig. 32

1993 T-shirt (front)
Fig. 31

When Hayward did not receive his usual invitation to the Roundup he called a friend and begged him to intercede on his behalf for an invitation. [ / We do not know why it was so important to Hayward that he be able to attend the Roundups. We only know that he desperately wished to do so and was very unhappy about the possibility of being excluded. ] The friend called Rightmyer, who after some pressure finally relented on the condition that

Hayward not bring any Duke or white power materials to the Roundup. Rightmyer said Hayward could register when he arrived at the Roundup.