Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

13. 1992

Despite Rightmyer's attempts to communicate that racism was not welcome at the Roundup in 1991, OIG received numerous allegations of racist conduct the very next year. Attendance rose from the previous year's decline. OIG identified 388 attendees in 1992, with an additional estimated 160 guests, for a total of approximately 550 participants. Five past and present DOJ employees attended. We identified two Native Americans, two Filipinos, and a Korean American who went to this Roundup. OIG interviewed 188 attendees of the 1992 Roundup and reviewed the statements of an additional 23 attendees interviewed by other agencies.

The winner of the Redneck of the Year contest was a D.C. Metropolitan police officer who urinated over his shoulder into a container. [ / Rightmyer contended that this performance was with the assistance of an apparatus. Others contended that it was purely "natural talent." ] The Ugliest Good O' Boy contest was eliminated. A Secret Service agent was elected president. The official T-shirt was a drawing of a naked Good O' Boy atop a sheriff's patrol car, which referred to a Birmingham police officer who had climbed on top of a patrol car while naked during the 1991 Roundup. [/ While Rightmyer recalled that the individual involved was a Birmingham police officer, another witness recalled that it was an officer from a Birmingham suburb. ]

The 1992 Roundup is notable for the number of racist acts alleged, including two separate racist signs, people checking cars for "niggers," distribution of David Duke materials, a racist skit, a derogatory T-shirt, and people rallying around the Confederate flag.

1992 T-shirt (front)
Fig. 27

1992 T-shirt (back)
Fig. 28