Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

b) Allegation of posting of a racist sign
and OIG findings

A civilian witness claimed that he saw a sign which said, "nigger registration" with an arrow pointing down to a trash can under the tree. He described it as crudely written on white poster board and nailed to a tree around to the right, fifteen to twenty feet away from the registration area. No one else recalled seeing any racist sign in 1991.

With respect to the alleged sign, the lone witness who reported this incident was not certain of the year, stating only that it occurred "about 1991." The description of this sign, however, is quite similar to the sign described by a different witness who thought it might have been posted in 1989. The 1991 witness also placed the sign as appearing on the same day of the week (Thursday) as the possible 1989 sign. Although the witness from 1989 remembered seeing the sign to the right inside the campground, the witness who recalled a sign in 1991 may be confused about its location. As it is less likely that such a sign would have been posted so as to draw attention from the passing public, we suspect that the witness's recollection of its location is in error. Because the 1991 witness also attended in 1989, he may be confused about the dates.

Although we have no basis for rejecting this witness's recollection, we also found no one else who saw this sign. Thus, if it was posted at all in 1991, it most likely appeared for only a short period of time. We have no information regarding any possible persons responsible for its posting. We also have no information that Rightmyer or any other Roundup leader was aware of its existence. The source of the allegation did not say that he reported it to anyone.