Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

9. 1988

OIG received no allegations of racist misconduct occurring at the 1988 Roundup. [ / One witness claimed to have seen the sign shown in the Hayward videotape and a person in a KKK outfit in 1988. The sign in the video, however, is unquestionably from 1990, which was also the year of the KKK skit. The witness likely confused the year in which she made these observations. ] We estimate that 525 people attended; we identified 258. [ / Our ability to identify attendees was enhanced significantly from this year onward because we obtained bank records indicating who had paid by check. The overall attendance figure is augmented by the ever increasing numbers of local people who had heard about the beer truck and the raucous party that the Roundup had become. We spoke to several local people who had by this time started attending the Roundup for the free beer and to party with the registered guests. No controls had yet been instituted to monitor who was at the campground. ] We interviewed ninety-nine attendees, including nine DOJ employees. Treasury OIG and other agencies interviewed an additional twenty-eight attendees. None reported seeing any racist conduct at the Roundup that year. We also identified a Native American attendee who returned to the next seven Roundups.

1988 T-shirt
Fig. 16

The Redneck of the Year was an arson investigator for the State of Tennessee who told funny stories. A federal agent from an agency other than DOJ or Treasury was elected president. Around this year this same agent took control of the registration process and moved it outside the main campground alongside the dirt drive. An auction held at the Roundup benefited an ATF agent whose daughter was in a coma. The official T-shirt depicted a good o' boy with a fish in his mouth and the phrase "don't touch my duck!" This message referred to the Redneck of the Year contestant from the prior year who had consumed an entire raw fish. It also alluded to an incident the year before involving a local woman who had shown people in the campground her pierced breasts, with hoops dangling from her nipples. She offered to show them to Rightmyer if he would show her his penis. He agreed as long as she would not touch him. Believing he should not write "don't touch my dick" on the shirt, he modified it.