Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

7. 1986

1986 T-shirt (front)
Fig. 12

1986 T-shirt (back)
Fig. 13

OIG received no allegations of racist misconduct at the 1986 Roundup. We estimate that 400 people attended the Roundup; we identified 107. OIG interviewed seventy-two of these attendees, including eleven DOJ employees. [/ Four of the eleven were not DOJ employees in 1986. ] Treasury OIG interviewed an additional twenty-four attendees. We identified one minority attendee, a Filipino, who later became a member of the MOB. He did not observe any conduct that he considered racist and reported feeling quite welcome at the Roundup. Indeed, he attended seven more Roundups. We also were told that a black ATF agent may have been present, but we could not confirm this report.

An ATF agent was elected by popular vote of the registered attendees to be the first president of the Roundup. His sole official responsibility was running the business meeting at the next Roundup. The Redneck of the Year was a civilian who worked for the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in North Carolina who told funny stories. The official T-shirt bore American and Canadian flags in honor of the Canadians' attendance. We received our first report that prostitutes may have been in the crowd. [/ For a further discussion, see infra pp. 170-171. ] This suggests that outsiders were becoming aware of the Roundup's existence.