Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

a) Evidence of racist misconduct in 1985

As mentioned previously, a Department of Treasury agent reported that a deputy sheriff pulled a small statue of a black "jockey" figure out of his camper and tied his dog to it. Rightmyer saw this statue and instructed the individual to put it back in his camper and not bring it out during the Roundup. He complied. Other than the individual who believed this incident occurred in 1984, we found no one else who recalled it.

A Department of Justice employee reported that an unknown person, who was drunk, made a "tacky" remark of a "racist nature" while on stage one evening. This individual could not recall the specific remark, but he remembered thinking it was racist because he recalled looking at an Asian woman in the audience to gauge her reaction. We do not know if Rightmyer heard it, and no one else recalled this particular incident.