Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

6. 1985

Our investigation uncovered two allegations of racially insensitive conduct in 1985: the black lawn statue and one unspecified racially insensitive comment in a skit. We estimate that 310 people attended the 1985 Roundup. [ / The invitation to the 1986 Roundup reported that 254 people attended the 1985 Roundup. This figure only reflected registered guests. We estimate that approximately fifty-six local law enforcement or other local people also attended some portion of the Roundup. ] We identified eighty-eight of these attendees and interviewed fifty-eight, including six DOJ attendees. [/ One of these DOJ attendees was a civilian at the time of his attendance. ] Treasury OIG interviewed an additional twenty-two attendees, including a Hispanic ATF agent. This agent saw nothing he considered racist. Two Hispanic officers from Florida also attended the 1985 Roundup. Neither officer saw any conduct he considered racist and both reported they felt welcome at the Roundup.

1985 T-shirt
Fig. 11

A Secret Service agent won the Redneck of the Year contest for pretending to drink motor oil. The ban against women attending was officially lifted. The drawing on the official T-shirt of two extremely drunk individuals was based on an incident the prior year in which someone got so drunk he passed out while sitting near a tree and some others propped his head up with a forked stick.