Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

4. 1983

OIG received no allegations and found no evidence of racist misconduct for 1983. We estimate that 215 people attended the 1983 Roundup, 52 of whom we could identify. OIG interviewed twenty-nine of these individuals, including three DOJ attendees. [/ One of these DOJ attendees was a Treasury employee at the time of his attendance. ] Treasury OIG interviewed sixteen additional attendees. All denied that any racist conduct occurred at this year's Roundup. Again we found no evidence to the contrary.

1983 T-shirt
Fig. 8

1983 Patch
Fig. 9

For the first time Rightmyer handed out an official T-shirt to all registrants; it had a picture of a good o' boy floating on his back. The Ugliest Good O' Boy contest was held. Also for the first time, the beer truck was brought in but the park rangers would not allow it at the campsite. The beer had to be unloaded and carried to the campground. Drinking began to get out of hand -- so much so that one of the DOJ attendees from that year decided not to return because of his concerns that someone might become seriously ill or die from drinking too much. A Birmingham, Alabama, police officer won the Redneck of the Year contest for giving a funny speech about why he was the biggest redneck.