Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

3. 1982

OIG received no allegations and found no evidence of specific racist misconduct at the 1982 Roundup. An estimated 175 people attended the third Roundup. Of the thirty-five identified attendees, OIG interviewed twenty, including two DOJ attendees. [/ One of these DOJ attendees was a Treasury employee at the time of his attendance. ] Treasury OIG interviewed an additional eight attendees. Again, all denied the presence of any racist conduct and we found no evidence to the contrary.

1982 T-shirt
Fig. 7

The first Redneck of the Year contest was held this year and was won by an ATF agent whose nominating speech was deemed funnier than the speech given by the person he nominated. The Beer Enduro was held and was also won by an ATF agent. Rightmyer made up T-shirts with a cartoonish "good o' boy" holding a rafting paddle drawn on it and sold them to attendees.