Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

2. 1981

OIG received no allegations and found no evidence of specific racist misconduct in 1981, the first year that invitations were extended to other law enforcement agencies. Approximately 150 people attended the second Roundup, 43 of whom we identified. OIG interviewed twenty-two of these persons, including four DOJ attendees, [/ One of these individuals was not a DOJ employee at the time of his attendance. ] and reviewed the statements of an additional twelve attendees interviewed by Treasury OIG. All denied that any racist misconduct took place at this Roundup. We found no evidence to the contrary.

Again, whitewater rafting was the primary attraction. The Beer Enduro and the Liar's Contest were most likely instituted this year. Women were no longer invited to attend, on the premise that some men's wives would be suspicious if their husbands attended an overnight outing where women were present and because of Rightmyer's concern that some married men would bring women other than their wives. Participants cooked out, played cards or volleyball, and swapped stories. The Roundup that year appears to have been a relatively benign outing for law enforcement personnel and their friends.