Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

1. 1980

OIG received no allegations and found no evidence of specific racist misconduct in 1980. The first Roundup was attended by fifty-eight persons, overwhelmingly federal law enforcement agents with approximately eleven very close friends of these agents who were not themselves employed by any law enforcement agency. In total, OIG interviewed eighteen of the original fifty-eight attendees to the 1980 Roundup, including three DOJ employees. OIG reviewed the memoranda of interviews of an additional nineteen attendees who were interviewed by Treasury OIG. Although women were allowed to attend and did so, we found no minorities in attendance. All thirty-seven interviewees denied that racist activity of

Attendance by Affiliation

Fig. 6

any type occurred at the first outing. [ / While a skeptic might suggest that these individuals would not have admitted if any racist activity had occurred, many of these same individuals attended subsequent Roundups where racist activities did occur and they honestly and accurately reported such activities. We found no evidence to contradict their testimony regarding the absence of specific racist misconduct in 1980. ] By all accounts, the event lived up to its billing: a day of whitewater rafting, a steak cookout, and a camping trip. None of the organized competitions had yet begun.