Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

1. Sports

Whitewater rafting was the premier attraction of the Roundup and drew substantial numbers of participants. Other official sporting events included volleyball, washer toss (a game similar to horseshoes but using large washers), tug-of-war, truck push, and motorcycle events, many of which involved competitions among teams of Roundup participants.

Another central event at the Roundup was a golf tournament. For many years proceeds from the tournament were donated to charity. Because this event was open to the public, many Roundup attendees complained that they were no longer playing with other Roundup attendees. The tournaments also were a great deal of work. Consequently, at some point the Roundup stopped organizing the golf tournament, but it apparently has continued with different sponsorship as the "John Mendenhall Good O' Boy Tournament," named after a former pro football player.