Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

C. Invitations

Initially, Rightmyer spread the word about the Roundup by making telephone calls to his friends at various ATF offices. When Rightmyer decided the second year to expand the Roundup to include state and local law enforcement, he prepared fliers announcing the event. As the Roundup became more organized, these fliers became more detailed. They included a summary of the previous year's attendance and key events, a list of the categories of who was invited to attend, registration information, cost information, and some rules. The invitation also had a form to fill out with the attendee's name, address, emergency telephone number, T-shirt size, and activity list.

Rightmyer also began to maintain a mailing list of past attendees and automatically sent them a flier each year. As the Roundup grew, the lists became more formal. In approximately 1985 one attendee, who was not in law enforcement, took it upon himself to computerize the list and mail out the fliers each year to everyone on the list. Persons who did not attend for several years were removed from the list but merely had to call Rightmyer if they wanted to attend another Roundup.

The fliers were also sent to various law enforcement agencies for distribution. Some agencies posted the Roundup flier on the bulletin board. Others just passed the word that the invitation for the Roundup had arrived and interested persons should make a copy of the flier. Some people heard about the event and requested fliers from Rightmyer. In fact, many of the persons we interviewed said they had first heard about the Roundup by word of mouth and either made a copy of a friend's flier or called Rightmyer directly to get one.