Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

7. Cooperation with other investigations

The widely publicized reports of misconduct at the Roundup sparked a number of investigations by different law enforcement organizations. We received extensive cooperation from the police departments in Boone County, Kentucky; Florence, Kentucky; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Birmingham, Alabama. Each one assisted us in identifying members of its department who had attended the Roundup and permitted us to participate in interviews of its personnel or to conduct our own interviews. Many other entities shared their memoranda of interviews and reports of investigation, including: Treasury OIG, and various components of the Department of Treasury; the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C.; the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; the Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police in Ontario, Canada; the Maryland State Police; and the Bradley County Sheriff's Department in Tennessee. With the reports of interviews by these organizations and the more than 500 interviews conducted by us, our investigation took into account the statements of more than 800 persons, including 560 who attended one or more of the Roundups. [/ For fourteen of the Roundups, over half of the persons identified as attending that Roundup were interviewed by one or more agencies. For the last five Roundups, approximately 40 percent of the estimated total of persons who attended were interviewed by one or more agencies. For information regarding the percentage of attendees interviewed for each year see the appendix to this report, Section A, at 9. ]