Good O' Boy Roundup Report - March, 1996

8. Criminal and other misconduct

In addition to the allegations of racism, the Senate hearing brought to light allegations of general disorderly behavior and criminal misconduct. Director Magaw testified that there were problems with excessive use of alcohol and fighting at the Roundup. Hayward's affidavit alleged that an ATF agent was distributing moonshine. Furthermore, the Senate committee released to OIG affidavits of two local residents it had received from Harold Stockburger [ / Stockburger is the founder of the American Patriot Federation, a political organization based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Federation published a newsletter in which Stockburger reported his investigation into the Roundup and published copies of the affidavits he provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee. A copy of this article is contained in the appendix to this report, Section C, at 19. ] describing allegations of rapes of women, distribution and use of illegal drugs, bestiality, public sex on stage at a bar adjacent to the campground, strippers, and excessive use of alcohol at the Roundup. The affiants' names had been blocked out, but the Senate committee made their names available to OIG so that we could locate and interview them.